Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Week and Counting

It has been a whirlwind few weeks. We are madly trying to get ready for Greece. We leave in exactly 1 week! Only 68 things left to do before we leave :)

The kids are keeping busy in school and work. Nick's job just ended with Parley's Hardware. He'll be starting a new job installing installation during the day and selling it at night. He made 5 sales in one night last week. Alex is getting ready for Homecoming. He invited Alexis Black--so Alex and Alexis should have a great time. He even bought a new suit. (Actually I bought it--but I'm happy--he's been anti-suit for the past 3 years :) He's also playing fall rugby. Rebekah is babysitting and swimming--and keeps busy in her Academic English, Social Studies and Science classes. Spencer is playing football non-stop. They are 3-1 with 2 complete shutouts the past 2 weeks--Just like BYU!!!! They made the playoffs that we will miss--thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking him. Hope they win!

I get the privilege of singing in the General Relief Society Choir this coming Saturday. It has been a great experience, though I hesitated because of the time commitment. If you watch the meeting, look for me--I'm in the back (duh!--tall people always are!) I'm left of the director (not the extreme right) second row from the top-4th seat from the right. I'll smile at you. Oh--and I'm almost finished reading the Twilight series I started about 3 weeks ago...go Bella.

Jared is busy collecting money for the building and finishing plans. It's going along very well and he is excited to see it all come full circle. It's a beautiful building. If you're in Payson sometime, drop by and see can't miss it. It's attached to the hospital.

We'll take lots of pictures in Greece so you can see how beautiful it is. I saw Mama Mia--if it looks that good in a film--it's got to be gorgeous in real life.